Expensive dresses at low prices. We cut out the middle men, delivering bodycon dresses fresh from our factory, direct to your door! Each OTTILLIE POP bodycon is hand crafted in England - we do all the design, production and distribution all under one roof, allowing us to offer you designer dresses at fabulous prices. We are looking for fashion bloggers who can style our bodycon dresses for different looks and occasions!

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About Ottillie Pop

Ottillie Pop dresses are the only dresses in the world with a 5 Year Guarantee. Digitally printed dresses, made in England, delivered fresh from the sewing room. We regularly witness how hard it is for women to find a truly great dress without having to pay crazy money for it. On the other hand, we also know how hard it is to create that dress and not have to charge designer money for it. We’re aiming to change all of that. To create a collection of premium dresses, perfect for every day wear, handcrafted in England and delivered without breaking the bank! In short – expensive dresses at low prices.